This evening .. 
As usual , I open my Facebook account
While listening a song ..
Suddenly ,
I remember about my homework
Ahhh ... 
There is only one word I can say to my cikgu
'' Belom siap "
Sepanjang 2weeks holiday ,
I did not sentoh my homework ,
Don't ask me why please
Because I am lazy .. 
I hate homework
Really2 hate it .
But now , 
I had to complete it ,
Kalau tidak , I had to face to face with my pengetue !
 Grrr ...

 P/s : Sob sob sob ... =,="

2 ulasan:

  1. tak sentuh langsung?
    haihh, ape na jadi -,-
    cepatla siapkan ! :)

  2. ho3 ! takper ..
    kerje xbyk pon .. ha3


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