Exam , boleh demam aku dibuatnyer .. 
Kimia dan mathmod dah lepas ,,
Tinggal Addmath , Fizik dan Bio jer .. adoyaii .. 
Parah ! Kimia dah kompem FAIL .. Fail yer ! ishh ..
Monday is the Addmath paper ..
I couldn't help and finally open my pc....
Just for a while okay...
This time the exam is just dull and bored as usual...
There's nothing I can talk about...
( But I am talking about it right now... zzz.....)
Some people were cheating and of course I am one of them...
I got F for my Chemistry .. (kompem)
Don't ask me how much and why please...
Because I am not genius and idiot...
That's what I will say..
Last week I played futsal .. 
Forgot to wear my sport shoes .. 
Abes melecet my foot .. 
I had to walk just like Mat Tempang .. 
pain crazy !!!!
Dun know what too write .. 
hey guys , 
hear this song .. 

This song was made by my friends .. 
Im just make this video .. 
using .. err ... forget it
got too go , baby .. 
I want to take a bath .. 

P/S : sory ,, my english is not better than you

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  1. if you already did your best in your exam, but you still ended up with failure, don't worry. Because Allah grant you a reward not based on your result but your effort.

    if you think that the failure is due to your laziness, then you got to change your attitude first. Only then you can ask Allah for a good result. MAN JADDA WA JADA, MAN ZARO'A HASADA


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